November 3, 2015
Kathy Parker, School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI, DTL


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How does creating learning environments for our students align to our professional standards?

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Focus Groups (45 mins.)
Divide into 7 focus groups. In your group, interact w/the resource. Confer with your group members discussing: key points, take-aways, implications for our work. Choose a spokesperson. Spokesperson shares out to the whole group.

Group 1: Philosophy

Group 2: The Environment and Tools

Group 3: Practical Implementation

Group 4: Make It So: You Can Start a Maker Club

Group 5: Learning Commons or Makerspace? Don't Forget the Library

Group 6: Learning Commons: Action Research

Group 7: Learning Commons (4 parts)

Break 10 mins.

Show and Tell: What can it look like? (30 mins.)

Piedmont Middle School contact Lisa Newburger
How to Start a Makerspace

Reidsville High School Makerspaces contact Christy Barham

North Pitt High School Learning Commons contact Laura Mangum

Guilford County Schools Extreme MC Transformation Challenge contact Tammy Gruer

Problems With Practice Exchange (30 mins.) Problem Solving Input
  • I'm really interested in adding a creation space, but my library doesn't have room for it.
  • I think more creation spaces would support student learning, but I don't have any funding.
  • The idea of makerspaces sounds great, but I just don't have time for it.
  • I'm excited about new creation spaces, but I can't get my principal and teachers to buy in to the idea.
  • I understand that these interactive spaces are valuable to students, but I'm concerned about safety issues.

I'm interested....Where do I start?

Planning and Next Steps (20 mins.)

Q&A (20 mins.)

Resources for Another Day
Maker Education Resources from Edutopia
Risk to Learn

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