Collecting and Sharing Data to Demonstrate Student Achievement-UCPS

Technology Services Center, Monroe, NC
2:30-4:30, January 16, 2015
Kathy Parker, School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI, DTL Division

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Session Overview:

This session focuses on how school library media coordinators can collect and share data to demonstrate student achievement. In this session, participants will explore a variety of ways to share library data with stakeholders, evaluate examples of school library annual reports, identify data needed for effective annual reports, and connect data collection and sharing to SLMC's evaluation instrument.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will.....

  • evaluate examples of school library annual reports
  • identify characteristics of and data needed for effective annual reports
  • connect data collection and sharing to SLMCs professional standards

Essential Questions:

  • Why should I collect data for my library media program?
  • What data should I collect for my program?
  • How should I share data to show student learning?

Librarians are a Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can't Afford....How do we demonstrate that SLMCs are a necessity not a luxury? Can data prove our worth especially in tough financial times?

Annual Reports Activity (60 minutes)

In small groups, explore a series of library data reports and answer the following questions:
  • What do you like/dislike about the report?
  • What data did the librarian have to collect in order to create this report?
  • How does this report connect the library media program to student learning?
  • How can this report be improved?

Input Form

Set 1


Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8

Using Schoolnet Data (45 mins.)

Training Site: username: password: back2school

  • Demonstrate data accessible to SLMCs via the appropriate role and permission in Schoolnet.
  • Participants login to their Schoolnet.
  • Partner with a colleague and together explore data available.
  • Brainstorm ways this data can inform your practices.
    • What actions will you take as a result of this data?
    • How will your actions connect your library media program to student learning?
    • How will you share this connection with your stakeholders?

Schoolnet: Roles and Permissions in Home Base

See PDF below to review screenshots that I used for Schoolnet demonstration.


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