April 17, 2015
Fike High School
Kathy Parker, School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI, DTL Division


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Session Overview | Participants will...

  • Review characteristics of modern library media programs
  • Examine strategies to strengthen our school library media programs
  • Reflect on our current practices


Welcome and Introductions
Digital Age Programs

Jigsaw Activity (60 mins.)

Why Do I Still Need a Library When I Have One in My Pocket? is an article by Doug Johnson and Jennifer Lagarde that addresses how school library media programs can thrive in a modern BYOD and/or 1:1 environment. (Accessing the article requires NCWiseowl login.)

  • Each person reads a portion of the article.
  • Consider and discuss: How does the content of this article reflect our SLMC professional standards? How does the SLMC practice discussed in this article compare to your practice?
  • In jigsaw groups, designate a timekeeper, each person share the key points from your portion of the article.
  • Share out highlights w/whole group.

1: How Physical Spaces Must Adapt...

2: How the Work of the Teacher Librarian Must Adapt....

3: More Teaching/Coaching.....

Reflect on your practice:

Personalization Time! (45 mins.)

Reflecting on your practice, choose an area below in which you or your library media program needs support. Explore the resource(s) listed for that topic. Table talk how you can strengthen your SLM program in this area.

21st Century Skills
Collection Development
Creation Spaces
Overcoming Challenges
Using and Sharing Data