April 9, 2015

Central Office, Yadkinville
Kathy Parker, School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI, DTL Division


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Session Overview | Participants will...

  • Review characteristics of modern library media programs
  • Reflect on our current practices
  • Examine strategies to strengthen our school library media programs

Essential Questions:

  • Does my school's library media program provide a digital age learning environment?
  • How can I modernize my library media program so that it better meets the needs of my digital age students and teachers?
  • How can I, as an administrator, support my SLMC as s/he modernizes his/her program?

Considering the Characteristics (45 mins.)

AASL Brochure
LRS Infographic
Using Data

In your groups...

  • Examine and discuss the research findings. Note in the form characteristics that impact student achievement.
  • Examine and discuss the SLMC evaluation rubric references to 21st century learning environments. Note in the form the characteristics of a 21st century library media program based on the rubric.

Link to Responses

Wordle Results

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  • Six Step Pair Share Reflection
    • What characteristics mentioned in these resources describes your library program?
    • What is one characteristic mentioned in these resources that does not describe your library program? What steps can you take to change this?

Resources for Another Day

SLMCs, how can you conduct your own research to demonstrate your program's impact on student achievement? (Standard 5. School library media coordinators reflect on their practice. )
Connecting the SLM Program to Student Achievement via Schoolnet
Candid Librarian on Action Research

Jigsaw Activity (60 mins.)

Why Do I Still Need a Library When I Have One in My Pocket? is a recent article by Doug Johnson and Jennifer Lagarde that addresses how school library media programs can thrive in a modern BYOD environment. (Accessing the article requires NCWiseowl login.)

  • In groups, read your group's portion of the article.
  • Consider and discuss: How does the content of this article reflect our SLMC professional standards? How does the SLMC practice discussed in this article compare to your practice?
  • Pair up with someone who did not read your portion of the article and share your takeaways w/each other.
  • Share out.

Group 1
How Physical Spaces Must Adapt...

Group 2
How the Work of the Teacher Librarian Must Adapt....

Group 3
More Teaching/Coaching.....

Resource for Another Day:

Are Librarians Still Important?

Examining the Standards (45 mins.)

Table groups will examine 3 performance indicators discussing the following and sharing out to the whole group:
  • What does the performance indicator look like in practice?
  • What will an administrator look for when observing this indicator in practice?
  • What are possible evidences/artifacts of this indicator?
  • Do you have any questions about this standard/performance indicator?


Q&A (30 mins.)

Resource for Another Day:

Evaluation Instrument Tutorial