September 20, 2017; Beaufort County Schools

Kathy Parker, Digital Citizenship and School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI, DTL
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Goals: Participants will....
  • develop a better understanding of the digital learning competencies for teachers
  • understand how to use digital breakouts as a teaching strategy
  • brainstorm characteristics of effective professional development
  • be resources for each other

DLC Breakout (45 mins.)

Leadership (45 mins)
SLMC "provides technology-enabled one-on-one and group professional development for school-based educators." (Standard 1, Element B, Proficient, Leadership)
"Teachers will demonstrate leadership in accelerating their integration of digital teaching and learning pedagogies." (DLC Focus Leadership Focus Area)

What can leadership look like?

View leading professional development through the lens of your professional standards.

Pick and Choose (30 mins.): You decide what to do next.
Option 1: Get into small groups (3-5). Discuss the topic of leading professional development. Post your responses to these conversation starters in the appropriate padlet.

Option 2: Independently or with a partner, read the following blog post and record your reflection.

Feedback: Thank you for helping me strengthen my practice.

DLC Licensure Requirement